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Cape Coral was founded in 1957. Real estate developers, Leonard and Jack Rosen, purchased a 103-square-mile tract known as Redfish Point for $678,000 in that year and, in 1958, began development of the city as a master-planned, pre-platted community. With over 400 miles (640 km) of navigable waterways, Cape Coral has more miles of canals than any other city on earth.

The Gulf American Corporation (GAC) was formed to develop this “Waterfront Wonderland”. Canals were dug, streets were paved, houses and businesses were built. Cape Coral was promoted like no other Florida development. Celebrities were brought in to tout the benefits of "the Cape", as it is known locally. The first building was the Rosens' company headquarters, at the corner of Coronado and Cape Coral Parkway. Cape Coral's first permanent resident was Kenny Schwartz, the Rosens' general manager. Cape Coral's first four homes were completed in May 1958 on Riverside and Flamingo Drives.

In its early years, Cape Coral was known as a community with many retired residents. This changed with a population and construction boom in the 1990s, which brought in younger families and professionals. 20 percent of the population are seasonal residents. Nowadays the city has a wide variety of businesses, retail, and restaurants on its major arteries: Cape Coral Parkway, Del Prado Boulevard, Santa Barbara Boulevard and Pine Island Road. 


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Enjoy some of the Parks and Family Activities Cape Coral Has to Offer

The City of Cape Coral Parks & Recreation Department has been honored with two professional excellence awards from the Florida Recreation & Parks Association. Cape Coral has over 37 parks and recreation facilities for everyone to enjoy.  Parks are one of the few places where it all comes together – a sense of community, an appreciation of history and place, respect for nature, and good health. Cape Coral’s parks are where lifetime friendships are formed, where the gap between generations is bridged, and where people discover what they have in common. How do you grow a hometown with a sense of community, while conserving green spaces and waterways for generations to come? Building lasting Parks and Recreation facilities!!! 

Quick List of  Cape Coral City Parks

1 Sea Hawk Park
2 Coral Oaks Golf Course
3 Northwest Softball Complex
4 Burnt Store Boat Ramp
5 Giuffride Park
6 Burton Memorial Park
7 Caloosa Park
8 Reflections Park
9 Cultural Park
10 Saratoga Lakes Park
11 Wm Bill Austen Youth Ctr Eagles State Park
12 Lake Kennedy Comm. Park Senior Ctr & Special Pops
13 Stausser BMX Sports Complex BMX boat Ramp
14 Cape Coral Sports Complex
15 Strom Football Complex
16 Koza/Saladino Park
17 Jason Verdow Memorial Park
18 Four Mile Cove Eco Preserve
19 Horton Park and Boat Ramp
20 Sun Splash Family Waterpark
21 Jaycee Park
22 Veterans Park
23 Art Studio/     Rubicond Park
24 Four Freedoms Park
25 Yatch Club Community & Tony Senior Ctr & Yatch Club Boat Ramp
26 Rotary Park
27 Pelican Soccer Complex
28 Pelican Baseball Complex
29 Camelot Park
30 Jim Jeffers Park
31 Oasis Gymnasium
32 Bernice Braden Park
33 Joe Stonis Park
34 Paul Sanborn Park
35 Sirenia Vista
36 Pops Café
37 Rosen Park




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