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On Wenesday, July 24, 2013, City Council approved the Initial Assessment Resolutions for Southwest 6&7 portable water, wastewater and irrigation. The assessment cost for the three utilities (water,sewer,irrigation) is $10,007.51 for the typical, two-lot site (10,000 square feet). This is the lowest assessment cost since the City resumed utilities expanison in the southwest Cape in 2002, and is the lowest for all projects when compared to today's dollar. The Initial Prepayment Period for the assessment will be from August 22,2013 thru October 31,2013. After that time, customers can still take advantage of th eAdjusted Prepayment, which will be accepted from November 1,2013 thru July 31,2014. The Adjusted Prepayment Amount is slightly higher, as it does include some finacing costs. 

The Adjusted Prepayment for a standard 10,000 square foot lot site are $10,424.15.

In addition to the assessment, there is a $6,750 Capital Facility Expansion Charge. This fee contributes to the costs associtated with expanding the water and sewer plants. During the prepayment period, a 20% discount is being offered on this fee, briging the amount to $5,400. The prepayment period for the Capital Facility Expansion Charge will be from August 22, 2013 thru July 31, 2014.


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Sewer: Everest BLVD

Irrigation: 3310 SW 20th LANE

Bio Solids: 2100 SW 32nd ST

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