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Ft. Myers Beach

Fort_Myers_Beach-1502.jpgThe 1950s brought modernization and tourist development to Fort Myers Beach with new hotels including the Rancho del Mar with the first swimming pool and the electrification of the swing bridge to facilitate traffic. The discovery of “pink gold” off shore sparked not only the shrimping industry but the ancillary businesses to support it as the population of our island increased by fifty percent from 1940 to 1950. Numerous civic organizations, churches, local newspapers, weather and US Coast Guard stations, the Beach Library and the annual Shrimp Festival were all initiated or expanded during this second land boom.

The development of Fort Myers Beach has continued to the present day where year round and seasonal residents coexist with a vibrant business community oriented to the steady stream of island visitors. As early as 1935 the residents of Fort Myers Beach began discussing incorporation.   However, Lee County’s approval of high rise development on Estero Island brought incorporation efforts to a successful passage. In 1995 a referendum passed to incorporate Estero Island as a means to engage citizens of the island in the preservation of their own small town character. After legislation was enacted by the State of Florida, on December 31, 1995 the Town of Fort Myers Beach was born.


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