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I have been out a few times this year Tarpon Fishing with my friend Captain Ken Holzheuer.  I had yet to bring in my first tarpon release for the season.


I was scheduled to go out again Sunday, May 20 with Captain Ken Holzheuer and Jerry Geyer.  Both of these men are professional tarpon hunters with Ken having well over 2,000 catch and releases on his boats which counts his clients as well as him.  Jerry caught his 700th personal tarpon last year. 


Once again, I was very excited about going out Sunday, looking forward with great anticipation and expectations.  I spent Saturday afternoon trying to catch mud cats for our bait.  I met Ken and Jerry at 6:00 AM on Ken’s dock for our departure time.   We departed and headed straight for the Gulf of Mexico west end.  We got out quite a ways and determined that the weather was too bad with waves too rough for Ken’s boat, the “Incognito”.  We turned around and came back on the inside and tried our luck at Marker 4.  We had no luck there so we left for Bunch Beach and unfortunately had no luck there.   Ken and Jerry, being the professionals they are, would not give up and decided we would try the east end of the Gulf of Mexico and see whether the wind had laid down.  We got to our location and the wind did lay down enough for us to be able to fish comfortably off of the “Incognito”.  We did see some flyers and rollers in one location on the east side and decided to put the hook down and fish the area.  We got six lines out with our bait and started the fishing process, which is, we now wait for the fish that we are seeing to take the bait on our lines.  We were in this location for well over an hour and made a decision that we will leave by 1:00 P.M. and come back in if we don’t have any luck by that time.  Approximately 12:10 P.M. the rod bent down and I had been told earlier that the first fish is mine.   These two professionals are incredible because they wanted me to catch my first fish of the season.  They were doing everything in their power to make that happen.  The rod bent down and I pulled it out of its rod holder, at which time I realized it was hooked and therefore started the process of reeling it in.  It came out of the water with great fury and energy so we were able to see the entire fish.  It was approximately a 125 pounder and the fight started. 


I will preface this by saying I do walk 3 miles per day along with 5 lb. weights in each arm utilizing curls and other maneuvers during my walk with the weights.  This, unfortunately, does not give me enough strength and stamina to fight one of the finest game fishes in Florida.  I fought this fish, for what seemed like hours, but it was only minutes and I was losing my strength and stamina but the fish wasn’t.  Ken and Jerry kept giving me inspiration to continue the fight.  This fish wasn’t giving up any ground to me.  I finally got it close enough to the boat so that Jerry was able to touch the leader and we could call it a qualified catch and release.  The fish was not out of any fight yet, so as Jerry touched the leader to bring it in, the fish did bound away from the boat once again.  Jerry and Ken kept telling me not to give up, so therefore I kept up the fight along with this wonderful fish.  At 12:33 P.M. I finally got the fish close enough where Ken was able to get a good grasp on the leader and break it loose from the fish.  My first tarpon of the season and released at 12:33 P.M. Sunday, May 20th. With congratulations all around, I was then told to sit down and take it easy while they took care of getting the rest of the rods and reels back in along with replacing the leader and hook on the one that we the catch and release on.  I was so tired that sitting down was one of the nicest things that I felt at that present time.  Of course, the exhilaration, excitement and happiness were much greater than my exhaustion.  We fished for another hour that day with nothing biting our lines and decided to come in to home port. 


What an incredible feeling to catch, fight, and release this wonderful game fish that we have here in Southwest Florida.  I recommend tarpon hunting to any sportsman that loves big game fishing.  If you wish to buy or sell a home through Just Right Realty Company, I will be more than happy to take you out in my boat, “Revelry” for tarpon hunting. 


Jerry Ruzicka, Broker/Owner

Just Right Realty Company



 There is recent big news that HAFA has been extended for one year through December 31, 2012.  HAFA is the government program that is the home affordable alternative.   When you do your short sale, there is an opportunity for you to receive monies from the government for doing the short sale.  These monies can run as high as $30,000.  There is a lot of paperwork involved with this program, because it is a government program, but we, at Just Right Realty Company, will handle all of the paperwork for you at no charge. 

 Please understand that if you let you house go in to foreclosure, it is approximately 9 to 10 years that your credit will be in disrepair.  If you do a short sale, typically, your credit will be in disrepair for approximately 2 years.  It is to your benefit to do the short sale and Just Right Realty Company will do the entire process for you at no charge.  We get paid from the listing commission when you list the house with us for the short sale. 

We have been very successful at obtaining the lien release for judgment deficiencies on the short sale.  This means that when you do a short sale and the money you receive is less than the money owed the bank, we will obtain a lien release for the judgment deficiency and you will have no further obligations, once the short sale is completed. 

 i.e.  Example: 

Amount owed to bank:                                         $150,000

Amount received on sale of your home:              $70,000

Judgment deficiency:                                               $80,000

 If you do not receive a lien release on this judgment deficiency, the $80,000 will be owed to the bank over your lifetime and they can come after you or your other assets to get this money back.  We, at Just Right Realty Company, obtain the lien release for the $80,000 from the bank and you will have no further commitment to the bank nor will they be able to come after any of your assets or bother you for the $80,000.

 The short sale can last from 3 months to 1 year or more, but during this time, you will remain in your home without any payments to anybody.  This means you will not make any tax payments, or house bank payments. 

 Just Right Realty Company will do this short sale process for you at no charge except for the listing commission that we receive upon the sale of your property. 

 Please call us for more information regarding short sales and how to save your credit.   Keep smiling! 

Jerry Ruzicka


Just Right Realty Company

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